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DVD Wholesale Quick Overview:

This fun and engaging program incorporates multi-sensory learning techniques to introduce early learning concepts. It helps with the development of descriptive language skills, teaches number concepts and familiarizes your child with patterns and logical thinking. It introduces mathematical concepts in a fun and easy format. Your child will discover the essential building blocks of learning with this engaging set. Includes three DVDs. Ages three and up.


DVD Wholesale Main Features:

Manufacturer recommended age: 12 months and up

Your Child Can Discover! Math, Music, Colors, Shapes, Logic Patterns, and Prepositions! This deluxe kit includes all three Your Baby Can Discover! (YBCD) DVDs and all three Your Child Can Discover! (YCCD) DVDs along with the six Lift-the-Flap Books and a bonus audio CD.

Topics include pitch in music, 96 different colors, geometric shapes, logic patterns, math concepts, and much more! Each DVD covers all of the topics, and each subsequent volume goes deeper into the concepts.

Includes 6 DVDs, 6 Lift-the-Flap Books, and 1 music CD.

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