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Dead Zone: The Complete Series

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DVD Wholesale Quick Overview:

David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) is a schoolteacher who, after surviving a terrible road accident, emerges from a five-year coma cursed with psychic powers which enable him to see into the future. When he then meets Presidential candidate Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen), Johnny has a vision of the apocalyptic disasters which would befall the world if this man should ever win office, and realises that it is his destiny to prevent such a thing from ever happening.


DVD Wholesale Main Features:

Actors: Anthony Michael Hall, Nicole de Boer, John L. Adams, Chris Bruno, Connor Price
Format: NTSC
Language: English
Region: Region 1
Number of discs: 21
Rated: NR – Not Rated
Studio: Lions Gate
DVD Release Date: February 26, 2019
ASIN: 631764215X

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Dead Zone: The Complete Series

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