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Quick Overview

TapouT XT was specifically designed for highly motivated people who are ready for an intense physical and mental challenge. In other words, XT won’t be easy – but it was never intended to be. Each workout inspires you dig down deep so you get the extreme B & A results you want. TapouT XT is MMA-Inspired exercise that simultaneously fires the targeted muscles while keeping your heart rate up so you blast calories. This simple “Science of Sweat” philosophy also cuts your workout time down so you can get in, get it on, and then get it over.


Main Features:

You will punch, kick, and fight your way to a ripped and chiseled body while training with a top trainer and pro MMA fighters like Ryan Bader, Miesha Tate, Cowboy Cerrone, Leonard “Bad Boy” Garica, Chris “Lights Out” Lytle, and more. If you’re ready to go the distance, sweat more, and get more extreme results then TapouT XT is what you need. You get 12 different full-length workout DVDs, plus the instructional Strike Training DVD. The 90-day workout calendar tells you exactly which workout to do each day. About half of the workouts use the included XT resistance band and/or closed loop leg band. The Fitness and Nutrition Guide is provided to get you even faster body shaping results. Everything’s provided because with TapouT, To Quit Does Not Exist!
Everything You Need Comes Right In The Box

XT Total Body Workouts Include: Strength & Force, Sprawl & Brawl, and Muay Thai
XT Cardio Workouts Include: Cardio XT, Ripped Conditioning, and Plyo XT
XT Target Workouts Include: Buns & Guns XT, Legs & Back, and Yoga XT
XT Ab Workouts Include: Ultimate Abs, Cross Core Combat, and Competition Core
XT Instructional workout: Strike Training
90-Day Workout Chart
XT Fitness & Nutritional Guide
XT Closed Loop Leg Training Band
XT Extreme Resistance Band

TapouT XT-1 TapouT XT-2 TapouT XT-3 TapouT XT-4 TapouT XT-5 TapouT XT-6 TapouT XT-7

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TapouT XT2

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